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Supercharge Your Social Media Presence with powerful clips from your weekly sermons.

About Best Sermon Clips

We are dedicated to helping churches expand their online visibility through powerful vertical videos that reach thousands of people using mobile devices. It is our goal to help you reach people in your region with the Gospel by delivering hand-tailored clips of your sermons each week.

At a fraction of the cost of other companies, our services are oriented to help you stay in the work of God while increasing your influence and saving you money.

Why Use Best Sermon Clips?

What Does Best Sermon Clips Do?

There is no denying that the recent social media trends of TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter videos, Instagram reels, and Youtube shorts have changed the way people interact. You must use these effectively if you hope to reach this generation.  If the content does not catch the attention of the viewer within a few seconds, the viewer will scroll past and never look back. Best Sermon Clips is dedicated to taking 30-45 second clips from your sermons and turning them into something that can be posted on any social media account for a fraction of the cost of other companies.

How Do I know If i should use best sermon clips?

If you are looking to reach young people for Christ, Best Sermon Clips is for you. As the methods of communication begin to expand, we should strive to bring old-fashioned Bible preaching to the eyes of the next generation. 


As of 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to over 150 minutes per day.  

Why Optimize Video For Mobile Devices?

Youtube has reported that 70% of users access content through their mobile devices and only 30% access through computers and laptops. A further poll says that 67.9% of all internet access happens through a mobile device.

What Does This change Mean For Us?

We should be doing anything we possibly can to reach lost souls for the cause of Christ. While we may not agree with everything that is promoted on social media platforms, we can increase our own audience by utilizing them to reach others with the Gospel. This is where Best Sermon Clips can help you.

How Does Best Sermon Clips Work?


It is our goal to make your content creation as easy as possible. We accomplish this by professionally producing 30 second vertical videos out of your weekly sermons.

You Choose One Of Our Packages

Once you choose your package, you’ll receive that number of vertical videos weekly.

We Add Different Elements

We create a powerful hook, add captions, and insert a thumbnail that will put you a step above the competition.

We Choose The Greatest Clips

We’ll download and watch your weekly sermons and pick the best 30-45 second clips.

We Send The Clips To You

We’ll send you high-quality vertical videos to a Dropbox folder each week. Videos are ready to post the moment you receive them!

You Share The Videos On Your Social Media Accounts

Once delievered, these videos are shareable across any social media platform of your choosing.

What We Can Do To Help You

Our Goals

We want to help your church break through the noise on social media so you can uplift Christ and increase your ministry reach.  

Best Sermon Clips will take a portion of the sermon of your choice every week, convert it into a short video, and send it back to you for your use. Below are samples of what we have the ability to do. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach the next generation by utilizing our services.

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Our Price Vs. Other Companies

Other companies are charging as much as $745 per month!

Our Standard Package is offered for as low as $25 per WEEK!

Why Use The Vertical

Video Format?


  • The engagement of vertical videos to square videos on Facebook is 4:1
  • 90% of vertical videos are watched to the end.
  • According to recent online surveys, vertical videos have almost 14 times more visibility on Facebook, and 90% more visibility than a simple picture post with a caption. 

In A Growing World Of Social Media...

it is more important than ever to break through the noise to impact the multitudes. Time is something that most pastors don’t have in abundance, so keeping up with the latest media trends is not a priority.  And rightly so.  Nevertheless, social media is a vital tool to spread the Gospel in the 21st century. While door-to-door soul winning and personal work are necessary, your church will have a bigger impact for Christ if you utilize vertical video in social media.

Here Are A Few Samples Of Our Product

Your Sermon Clips Include…


Attention Hooks

When the first few seconds matter, you have to make it count. We design powerful hooks that will draw your audience into watching the whole clip to completion.


Your Branding

We will include your church’s brand with each video, making it easier to promote your church. Consistent branding is important. You work to build your church brand and we’ll help you maintain it. 


Captions & Video Title

Over 80% of videos are viewed with no sound. The addition of captions is vital to draw in your audience. Each video will include text that engages people with your sermon.


Call To Action

The right call to action can help your church reach more people. We’ll design the perfect call to action that will influence your audience to take action after watching your sermon clip.



Enticing Thumbnail

An enticing thumbnail can make the difference between someone viewing your video or not. We include an appealing thumbnail with every video that compels people to watch.


Professional Editing

We will make sure that your clip not only looks great, but also looks professional. This helps young people see a church speaking to their needs and will draw their interest to attend your services.


Quarterly Feedback Call

Our business is making sure that YOU can reach people. With this in mind, we will check in with you each quarter to help assess what is going right, and how we can improve.


Designed For Mobile

We’ll send you a 30-45 second vertical video of your sermon to be posted on any social media platform of your choosing. We format every video to be seen perfectly on every device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Choose My Own Clips?

Absolutely! When you send in your video, just give the quote you want captured and the time stamp of when it happened. We’ll include this in your weekly package.

What Is The Turnaround Time, generally?

To ensure that we send you the best video possible, we will have it to you within 3-5 business days. This helps us make sure we can get you the best possible content while also returning it to you within a reasonable amount of time.

How Many Videos Will I Receive?

We offer several different packages that will fit your needs. You can choose from 1-3 videos per week.

How Does This Service Save Time and Money?

Generating products that are powerful and high-quality is a time-consuming process and requires certain skills and expertise to do correctly. Editing software usually costs around $600 annually and, unless you have time to do it yourself, paying someone to do it for you can cost as much as a full-time job. Additionally, other companies that offer the same service will charge up to $745 a month!

Where Can I Post These Videos?

Our vertical video clips are designed to give you the ability to post on all social media platforms. You should be able to post these videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook reels, YouTube shorts, Snapchat, and TikTok. 

How Frequently Should I Post Videos On Social Media?

The more consistently you post, the better. By creating a consistent schedule in your posting, you will boost your visibility in social media algorithms. Essentially, posting every day will help you get more views. By using Best Sermon Clips, you will post engaging video content 1-3 days every week.  The algorithms love you for it.  Videos can be reused  for a ministry’s effectiveness.

How Long Will The Short Video Trend Last?

Though we call it a trend, it is clear that vertical short videos are not going away any time soon. The heads of each social media platform have even tweaked their algorithms to prioritize showing video content over images. Many social media leaders have made public statements that video, not images, is the future.  Short video is here to stay.

How Do I Get My Videos?

We’ll set up a Dropbox folder for your ministry and enable you to download them for use wherever you want. It’s that simple!

What’s Included With Each Package?

Video Selection

Best Sermon Clips will find the highlights from your sermon.

Custom Editing

We will deliver a high-quality video to you that is professionally edited and specific to you.

Captions That Capture

We deliver accurate transcriptions to tailor to silent viewing.

Vertical Format

We’ll deliver vertical videos that can be uploaded to any social media platform.

Call To Action

We deliver a powerful call to action that will ensure that viewers click on your content.


Appealing cover images that drive viewers to click on your clip.

Personal Branding

Your product will promote your church’s brand while maintaining the audiences attention.

Attention-Grabbing Hook

Capture your audience’s attention within the first few seconds of your video.

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